Aerobic Exercise Bike
Aerobic Exercise Bike
Aerobic Exercise Bike
Aerobic Exercise Bike
Aerobic Exercise Bike Adjustable Seat&Resistance Home Cardio Workout Machine
Aerobic Exercise Bike
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Aerobic Exercise Bike

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1. Stable Upright Bicycle: The bicycle is stable and very easy to get on and off. Once you start cycling, it will keep stable without swinging no matter how fast you cycle.

2. Comfortable & Adjustable Seat: The comfortable and oversized seat is suitable for most users, besides, you can adjust the distance of seat to the ground from 58cm to 76cm. It means that the height of seat can be adjusted for 18 cm.

3. Adjustable Resistance: Different users have different demands for sports intensity, if you are fresh for this upright bicycle, you can start from lower resistance level. The higher resistance level is, the harder you drive.

4. Anti-skid Pedal: The anti-skid pedals with straps and Velcro can fasten your feet on pedal efficiently and prevent slippery while you are cycling.

5. Ideal For Keep Fit: Time and space always limited our exercise activities, with this upright bicycle, you can do sport at home whenever you like. Insisting on cycling it, you will own a healthier and slimmer body.

6. Considerate Display: This display indicates your sport time, cycling speed, distance and calories consumption while using it.



Color: Blue, black, red, yellow

Weight: 9.2 kg

Size of Upright Bicycle: 62.5*41*100 cm

Size of Screen: 4.6*2.2 cm

Package Size: 63*34*46 cm

Package Weight: 10.5kg

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